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Long Term Care Elderly Woman

Welcome to the Absolut Care family of health care facilities. Our team of medical directors, clinicians, geriatricians and professionals is proud to offer high quality care for seniors in our communities. We believe that strong leadership, hands-on training and synergistic teamwork are the keys to providing the dignified care that is most-deserved by our greatest generation.

Our six facilities are now under the direction of new ownership and management teams who are committed to developing policies, implementing best practices and providing the tools necessary for our staff to deliver excellence in health care. This philosophy for conducting business is evidenced in a portfolio of highly-ranked sister-facilities located in throughout the state.

As always, our team of health care providers is dedicated to treating those in our care with the same love and compassion that they would show to us in the same situation.

Our services include 24-hour long-term care, subacute rehabilitation, memory care, hospice care, palliative care, dialysis services and Vacation Care for short-term stays.

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