Aurora Park Featured in After 50 News

Absolut Care of Aurora Park is honored to be featured in the December Issue of After 50 magazine. This full spread dives deep into the background of the new management team at Aurora Park and the changes that will help transition the facility to a five-star provider. 

Read this Issue of After 50 to learn more about: 

  • New management changes 
  • Facility expansion
  • A look inside Aurora Park’s new therapy gym 
  • How the facility has been handling COVID-19 relief

Administrator Stacy Bastian and Director of Nursing, Cyndee Foss’s extensive background in nursing has provided both women with an intimate understanding of what it takes to be a committed caregiver. Also featured is Aurora Parks’s new Medical Director, Dr. Paul Shields who is dedicated to optimizing and improving patient care. This can be seen through the changes being made throughout the facility. 

The team at Aurora Park has dedicated its time to create a special facility that revolves around their patients’ unique needs. After 50 showcases a look inside Aurora Park’s new 3,100 sq ft therapy gym, specialized care units, and how the team has handled patient safety during COVID-19.

With all the changes being put in place during the past six months, Aurora Park has received three perfect infection control surveys from the Department of Health. The facility is also rated with four stars in quality measures by the federal government. 

Thank you After 50 for highlighting Absolut Care of Aurora Park’s dedication to providing the community with the high-quality care that everyone deserves.

 Read the full spread below. 


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