We partner with our residents and their families to personalize our comfortable private and semi-private accommodations, using cherished mementos and favorite possessions from home.

Cable television and telephone service are included in our fee for our “Rehab to Home” suites.

The rates for telephone service for a long-term stay are established by our local telephone service provider and are available if desired.

Nutritional services are supervised by our full-time Registered Dietitian and special attention to personal preferences is the norm.  Meals are served “restaurant-style” in our beautifully decorated dining rooms and specialized diets are available based on individual needs. A variety of daily activities offer residents many different options and there are many special events to enhance the quality of life for our residents.

Absolut Care of Aurora Park also offers VacationCARE and a specialized dementia program that was designed in cooperation with the Alzheimer’s Association. Our VacationCARE program allows caregivers the opportunity to take a much needed break, from providing daily care, and have the peace of mind that their loved one is receiving excellent care while they are away.

Realizing that you have a choice when it comes to decisions you make about your healthcare and the care of your loved one, we make the following commitment: Absolut Care of Aurora Park will provide quality medical and rehabilitative care in a warm and nurturing atmosphere. We pledge to continue our commitment to our community with the goal of excellence in service provision to our residents and their families.