Celebrating Nurses Month

May is Nurses Month!

Nurses everywhere work tirelessly to improve the health and wellbeing of their patients, and that is no different at our facilities. Our nurses are dedicated to helping our residents thrive each and every day. We recognize the importance of nurses everywhere, which is why we’re celebrating Nurses Month all throughout the month of May.

Sub-Acute Rehab Nurse Manager, Daire Lucas, recently went on WBEN to talk about all that nurses do to improve the lives of those they care for. Between new technologies and medical advancements, nursing is an ever-changing and dynamic field. We are so proud to have such great nurses, like Daire, on our team at every location! 

You can listen to her interview here:

If you know a Nurse, make sure to say, “Thank You” during May!

Thank you, Nurses! ❤️