Cervical Cancer Awareness Month

With January being Cervical Cancer Awareness Month, Absolut Care of Aurora Park wants to share the importance of HPV vaccinations, preventative screenings, and early detection. 

Cervical cancer was once the leading cause of cancer death for women in the United States. All women are at risk of cervical cancer but due to preventative screenings and HPV vaccines, it is now the most preventable of all female cancers. 

Though there are now preventative measures and vaccines that can help put a halt to cervical cancer, it is still the second most common cancer in women. 

Making an effort to be regularly screened and tested will help drastically lower your chances of getting cervical cancer. 

Two screening tests are available, the Pap Smear and HPV Test. Both tests are available in a doctor’s office or clinic. Taking these precautions will greatly improve your chances of early detection, allowing for more treatment options and better preventative care.

Absolut Care of Aurora Park is pleased to offer specialized oncology rehabilitative services for individuals who are deconditioned due to cancer treatments or need assistance in rebuilding strength and stamina to return home. Whether you’re experiencing muscle weakness, reduced range of motion, fatigue, post-surgical restrictions or other cancer-related issues, our therapists will create an individualized plan to meet your needs. Learn more about how we can help you meet your rehab goals at www.absolutcare.com.

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