Skip The Hospital with Express Admissions: Short-Term Care at Absolut Care

As the seasons begin to change, we are all more susceptible to viruses and injuries from accidents like slip-and-falls. This can take a toll on us, but if it happens to you or your loved one, we’re here to help! We are proud to offer Express Admissions and Pneumonia Care for those that require short-term rehabilitation and would like to avoid a hospital stay.

We know how hard it is to balance your daily responsibilities and care for your family, especially when an illness or injury occurs. What once required a pricey hospital admission, can now be treated in a more comfortable and convenient setting.

At Absolut Care, we believe each of our residents deserves the best possible care, no matter the length of their stay. Whether it is a short or long-term visit, we strive to have each guest feel welcome and cared for during their rehab. Our employees want to help families avoid a hospital stay at all costs for a quicker, less expensive recovery. You and your loved ones are able to save time and money by choosing Express Admissions and Pneumonia Care, but you don’t lose out on the quality of care!

The injured or ill can easily be admitted right from the doctor’s office, emergency room, household, or even urgent care facility. Upon admission into one of our facilities, we have rehab and pneumonia care ready to go to have you or a loved one back on their feet in a shorter period of time! Our Express Admissions Program treats those with respiratory infections, the flu, fractures, difficulty walking, outpatient surgery recovery, and much more!

Short-Term Rehab

If you would like to be evaluated for our Express Admissions Program, please call (607) 238-6417.

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