Celebrating Halloween!

We had a great time celebrating Halloween at Absolut Care! It was an evening packed with pumpkins, candy, costumes, and some wonderful visitors at each location.

Our Dunkirk location had a lot of fun dressing up in their costumes. From burglars to bears to pancakes and eggs, the creativity was endless! We loved seeing them getting into the spirit.

Aurora Park was full of visitors to celebrate the special day. First, our residents were excited to pass out candy to children that came in for community trick-or-treating. But the fun didn’t end there — they also played games, won prizes, and even had a magician come in for a little extra enchantment!

Halloween at Aurora Park


Our Eden location was also full of visitors and goodies. Kids went around trick-or-treating in costumes that were extremely fun and creative. The residents also got to enjoy a special musical performance by Lucille Schurkus!

Halloween at Aurora Park

The staff and residents at Houghton also really got into the spirit of Halloween. Everyone was filled with creativity, from their incredible costumes to their beautiful pumpkin paintings! We loved seeing all of their joy and excitement they had celebrating Halloween. 🙂

Halloween At Houghton

Halloween at Dunkirk

It was so much fun to have all of these Halloween festivities at Absolut Care!

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