NYS Disability Long-Term Care Facility Map
We at Absolut Care understand that applying for Nursing Home Medicaid benefits can be a very confusing process. We are here to help every step of the way!

Long Term Medicaid Resident Eligibility (With a Spouse)

  • The look back period is sixty (60) months. Medicaid will require all financial documentation for this time period in order to determine eligibility.
  • A community spouse may retain up to $74,820.00 in assets, in addition to this, the spouse is also entitled to one car and one house.
  • The home however will need to be deeded to the community spouse (only) in order for the nursing home resident to maintain eligibility.
  • The community spouse can retain up to $2,980.50 in monthly income.
  • You are allowed to set up burial funds, however they must be in an irrevocable trust.
  • If there is no spouse, the asset level allowed is $14,850.00. You may still set up a burial fund, however you are not allowed to maintain a car or a home.

Long Term Medicaid Resident Eligibility (With No Spouse)

  • The resource level for a long term resident is $14,850.00.
  • The nursing home resident must use their monthly income to help contribute towards the cost of monthly care. There is an allowance of $50.00 that the nursing home resident can keep. If there is an insurance premium that Medicaid allows for, these funds are also deducted from the income.
  • You can not maintain any other assets. All assets including a home, car, investments, etc must be used to pay towards the cost of care until you reach the level of $14,850.00.

Short Term Medicaid Eligibility (With No Community Spouse)

  • The resource level for short term rehabilitation is also $14,850.00.
  • You are also entitled to keep $845.00 per month from your income to maintain community expenses, such as rent, utilities, etc.
  • You can keep your home, (and one car), however you must sign an “intent to return home”.

Short Term Medicaid Eligibility (With a Community Spouse)

  • You can retain up to $2,980.50 per month in income.
  • You can retain your home.

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