Bariatric Care

Our medically-managed, multi-disciplinary approach to weight loss is what makes Advanced Bariatric Care different from other programs in New York.
Bariatric Care Adult Care Facility East Aurora

Who Would Be A Good Candidate For This?

We can accommodate individuals up to 600 pounds

What Benefits Will The Patient Receive From Having This Done?

The benefit is losing weight and becoming increasingly mobile and functional.

What Is The Process Like? (What Can The Patient Expect?)

Bariatric Care is a team approach to the weight management of our residents with obesity (individuals weighing over 350lbs). Rehabilitation must include meeting the equipment and space needs of each obese resident. Our locations have special equipment that accommodate their requirements. This can include wheelchairs, gerichairs, beds, mattresses, commodes, and walkers.

Nutritional Program

Our residents receive a broad range of dietary services under the direction of a Registered Dietitian. Working with our dietary staff, residents develop a dietary plan that will assist him/her to safely and steadily lose weight. Individuals adopt a healthy lifestyle as they learn what types of foods to eat, portion control, preparation techniques, how to snack, and how to successfully navigate dining out and holiday meals. Upon discharge, the skills learned enable the individual to seamlessly transition to his/her home environment, allow them to continue to lose weight safely and independently maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Social Work Services

Our Social Services staff are specially trained to provide counseling services to individuals in our Bariatric Program. Often, residents with bariatric needs feel a sense of despair and hopelessness related to their physical condition. Working closely with individuals to identify their specific needs, our Social Work staff are able to provide guidance, suggestions and support as the resident adjusts to his/her new way of living.

Physical/Occupational Therapy

Our Physical and Occupational Therapy staff design an individualized therapy plan focused on improving a resident’s strength, mobility, endurance and independence. Individuals with bariatric needs may have lost their ability to safely ambulate or experience difficulty bearing weight. Therapy staff utilize various state of the art modalities (Anodyne therapy, electric stimulation and ultrasound), as well as traditional therapeutic techniques to relieve pain, improve healing of complex wounds and soft tissue damage.   A daily exercise program is implemented with the goal of losing weight and improving independence in order to safely return home. Our therapy staff can perform a home evaluation and recommend changes to the environment to assist in a smooth transition to independent living. Upon discharge, residents are provided with an exercise plan they can implement at home, or if necessary, referrals to appropriate home care or outpatient services.

Nursing Services

Residents with bariatric needs often require specialized nursing services related to complex wound care, medication and treatments and personal care services. Our trained Nursing staff are able to provide the resident with the care and emotional support needed to expedite healing. Our state of the art equipment specially designed for use with bariatric patients allows Nursing staff to provide care to residents safely and comfortably.

Why Is Absolut Care The Right Choice?

We are experienced and ready to accept bariatric residents at our Gasport location.