Physical Therapy

Using a variety of treatment techniques to help movement, reduce pain, restore function and prevent disability. Physical therapy treatments focus on goals allowing individuals to perform at their personal best. Physical therapy can also help prevent loss of mobility by developing fitness and wellness oriented programs tailored to specific needs.
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Who would be a good candidate for this?

Everyone no matter what functional level that is involved in ambulation, balance, strength and mobility.

What benefits will the patient receive from having this done?

Improve everyday function and help residents regain and improve their prior functional level.

What is the process like (what can the patient expect)?

In physical therapy you will work on many exercises to improve your balance, walking and strength.  We use equipment that works to give you resistance such as cuff weights, resistance balls and bands. We also have assistive devices for walking and many physical agents or modalities such as heat, cold, ultra sound, electrical stimulation and anodyne.

Why is Absolut Care the right choice?

We pride ourselves in having a group of experienced geriatric physical therapists that continually facilitate innovative programs.

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