Speech Therapy

Treatment for speech and language disorders and impaired swallow functions. Services include vital stim tm, articulation, language and augmentative communication. Dysphagia treatments for swallow disorders are available.
Speech Therapy Nursing Home Nurse and Patient

Who would be a good candidate for this?

Residents with swallowing and cognitive problems.

What benefits will the patient receive from having this done?

Speech language pathologists are experts in determining what is the safest diet and drink consistency for the resident. Also, involvement with cognitive rehabilitation to compensate for declined memory.

What is the process like (what can the patient expect)?

In speech therapy you will work on a variety of things depending on what your disability is.  If you are working on swallowing, the speech therapist will do exercises with you that will strengthen your swallowing pattern.  There are different consistencies of food and drink that can be worked with.  Speech therapy also can work on different orientation and safety tasks which will help you have a successful discharge to home.

Why is Absolut Care the right choice?

We pride ourselves in having a group of experienced and innovative speech therapists that have a proven track record of success.

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