Wound Care

The treatment of wounds utilizing therapies, negative pressure treatments and diet. Occupational therapy’s involvement is with a proper pressure reducing seating system and good positioning. Physical therapy offers electrical stimulation and anodyne therapy to increase blood flow.¬†Mobility training and pressure relief instruction is also addressed through physical therapy.
Long-Term Care Facility Wound Care

Who would be a good candidate for this?

Residents with chronic non-healing wounds and post-operative wounds.

What benefits will the patient receive from having this done?

Helps the healing process.

What is the process like (what can the patient expect)?

Resident may be treated with negative pressure therapy. This is monitored by a certified wound care nurse.

Why is Absolut Care the right choice?

We have certified wound care nurses. We also transport our residents for their post operative appointments or appointments at wound care clinics if needed.

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