Town Hall Recap

Absolut Care of Aurora Park’s administrator, Stacy Bastian, held a virtual Town Hall Meeting on November 17, 2020, with highlights and updates about the facility as well as introducing Dr. Paul Shields as the guest speaker and new Medical Director.

Dr. Shields provided an overview of his background and experience, the new partnership with Absolut Care of Aurora Park, and the dynamic that he’ll bring to the facility.

During the Town Hall meeting, Dr. Shields stated that one of the reasons for partnering with the Aurora Park facility was the staff’s commitment to attaining high-quality care. 

The team at Absolut Care of Aurora Park is dedicated to putting the residents first and giving them access to specialized care that’s unique to their needs. The new partnership will provide residents with all-inclusive care for their overall wellness along with their ongoing treatments at the facility. 

With the new management team and Dr. Shields, the facility will continue to provide the community with the high-quality care that they deserve.

We look forward to holding more Town Hall Meetings in the future to keep our community updated with the new changes happening at  Absolut Care of Aurora Park. 


About Absolut Care

Absolut Care provides quality long-term care, subacute rehabilitation, memory care, and respite care for short-term stays throughout Upstate New York.

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