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Absolut Care of Aurora Park is pleased to offer our employees with Van Transportation to and from the Bus Station. 
Please contact Angel Kowalski, Transportation Coordinator if you have any questions – akowalski@rcaltc.com.


Transportation schedules including arrival and departure times vary depending on location.  The following rules apply for the safety and comfort of our passengers and our driver.  The driving services offered are being provided at the discretion of RCA Healthcare Management and may be discontinued at any time.   An employee’s ability to participate in the transportation service is a privilege that may be revoked by the employer at any time and is not subject to appeal or grievance and arbitration.

All policies, procedures, and rules of conduct applicable to your employment apply while using this transportation services.


Tickets can be obtained from the receptionist. Tickets are $2.00/roundtrip and must be purchased in advance prior to the day of transportation.  Only 8 passengers can be accommodated.

It is the employee’s responsibility to arrive at the assigned work site on time for the start of the shift. If you are not at the designated location on time and the van departs without you, you must find your own transportation to your assigned work site.

Employees will be required to sign the log sheet provided by the van driver upon boarding the van and provide their pre-purchased ticket prior to the time of departure.

Passengers must wear a seat belt and remain seated at all times.

Passengers must wear a mask at all times while on the bus.

Passengers will be dropped off and picked up at the designated location only. Do not ask the driver to stop at any other location other than the designated site.

If you become ill or have a family emergency, which requires you to leave work before the end of your shift, you will be responsible to arrange transportation to depart from the facility.

Polite, respectful, and adult behavior is expected at all times.

Transportation to/from Aurora Park on the van is not considered a compensable time. Employees will only be paid for the actual hours worked based on the timeclock punches.

Transportation Departure Schedule is as follows for the 6:00 a.m. -2:00 p.m.:

The van will arrive at the Buffalo Bus Terminal on Ellicott/North Division at 5:10 am, pickup with being on North Division, please report promptly to the Absolut Care van.

The van will depart promptly at 5:20 am for Aurora Park

The van will depart Aurora Park at 2:10 p.m. for drop off at the Buffalo Bus Terminal on Ellicott/North Division

Code of Conduct: 

All policies, procedures, and rules of conduct applicable to your employment apply while using this transportation service.

The following behaviors and activities are not acceptable or permitted:


Consumption of food or beverages

Deliberate damage to van property

Disruptive or argumentative behavior

Harassment in any form. RCA Healthcare has a ZERO tolerance policy.

Foul or inappropriate language.

Verbal or Physical threats directed towards other passengers or the driver.

Use of cell phones.

Sale or use of drugs, alcohol or any illegal substance.

Van drivers have the authority to request any passenger to leave the van immediately if they are demonstrating unacceptable behavior or violation of the rules.

Complaints regarding transportation service should be reported to your immediate supervisor upon arrival for work at the facility where you are assigned.

Violation of this policy will be subjected to disciplinary action at the discretion of the Employer and revocation of the privilege to participate in the transportation program.