What I’ve Learned As Director Of Communications For Absolut Care by Dawn Harsch

Being in the Long Term Care industry for about 27 years, I’ve seen and learned a lot. I joined the industry as soon as I walked out of college. Over the years, Long Term Care has evolved so dynamically and nursing homes now have more services than ever.

The Evolution of Long Term Care 

Around the mid 90s, skilled nursing facilities began offering subacute rehabilitation, which was a game-changer for the long-term care industry.

Individuals that once recovered in the hospitals were now able to receive comprehensive rehab and nursing services in the nursing facility with less overhead and cost than a hospital setting. As such, nursing homes became more clinically complex with specialized programs for wounds, dialysis, cardiac, pulmonary, and more.

With the addition of these comprehensive programs, staffing in the nursing home setting also grew more dynamic over time. Many of the specialists that are employed in our facilities include cardiologists, pulmonologists, physiatrists, nephrologists, registered and licensed nurses, dieticians, physical, occupational and speech therapists, certified nursing assistants, geriatricians and more.

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